EVO Body: Initiation

EVO Body: Initiation


The evoBODY evolutionary system has been channeled by Milana May and formulated to guide you in manifesting your EVO BODY.

What is my EVO BODY?

  • EVO BODY functions at it’s optimum capacity

  • EVO BODY has perfect physical weight for it’s energy field

  • EVO BODY maintains flow of energy throughout itself

  • EVO BODY has mastered energy distribution

  • EVO BODY is fully aware of itself, aware of cause and effect

  • EVO BODY is balanced within itself, “flexible” and adapts to change effortlessly

  • EVO BODY is empowered by having choices

  • EVO BODY unconditionally loves itself

  • EVO BODY is connected and aligned within itself as well as with it’s future EVOlved version

  • EVO BODY is fully present in the moment

  • EVO BODY is driven by it’s EVOlving purpose

What are some of the results of building EVO BODY in the physical plane?

  • Eliminating sickness, disease, and pain including “chronic”

  • Restoring energy levels

  • Creating perfect weight

  • Healing and maintaining balance throughout all body systems (circulatory, digestive, excretory, endocrine, integumentary, exocrine, immune, lymphatic, muscular, nervous, renal, urinary, reproductive, respiratory, skeletal)

  • Acute awareness of the slightest changes within the system before any serious interruptions occur

  • Eliminating stress and maintaining tranquility in the midst of any level/kind of life’s work

  • Eliminating all addictions including eating disorders, cigarette smoking, alcohol dependency, marijuana overuse, all drugs, unhealthy sex/porn indulgence, video games etc.

  • Sustaining life habits for vitality, longevity and promoting youthfulness

  • Curing depression, anxiety, PTSD, suicidal tendencies etc.

  • Manifesting positive feelings/emotions

  • Having uplifting, joyous, and constructive thoughts

  • Healing sleep disorders, enjoying consistent sleep patterns

  • Empowering self-image, self-esteem and confidence

  • Gaining the experience of being present

  • Cultivating clarity in the mind and purpose in the action

  • Etc.

What makes evoBODY program different from any others?

-       It’s longevity as it brings real value to you: You pay once and use it forever.

-       The volume of growth catalyzes a quantum shift in your awareness every time you go through the program

-       Integrity of the guide is our top priority

-       The vibration you experience behind all of the EVO Body system’s physical data is a powerful frequency that will uplift all areas of your life simultaneously

-       Awakens The Creator within which empowers you on every level of being: The Creator = The Leader

-       You finally have clarity and practical tools to manifest tangible positive shifts in your life

-       We’ve made it possible for you to study under a flexible schedule

-       Saves you much time which is the equivalent to saving you money: Time = Money

-       The techniques You learn here are your tools to utilize at any place and they can be applied to your new goals and challenges in the future.

-       You are granted with affordable payment plans

-       Transforms you from a talker into a doer in life: You now walk your talk

-       Increases your general levels of trust in life and in yourself

-       Connects You to the source and as a result to your deepest truth: Source = Truth

-       Balances doing vs being state in your life

-       Puts an end to the need to keep looking for continuous guidance outside of yourself and instead empowers you to live from within.

-       Saves you tons of money on continuous payments to life coaches

-       Establishes greater balance between the observer and the creator within you

-       We’ve ensured that it’s easy and fun, plus your homework is intriguing as well as sufficient for objective results

-       You’re deepest desires and most exalted dreams start to manifest

How do I know if this program is right for me?

  • We teach you how to be truly seen for who you are

  • We teach you to forgive yourself of all past

  • We teach you to live your dream life while being fully connected to your heart

  • We teach living in true success which is the manifestation of worldly desires in harmony with inner satisfaction and the joy of life.

  • We teach how to gain trust back that was abandoned, rejected, shamed for, bullied, threatened or abused

  • We are here beside you to listen and gently guide you along your evolution.

  • We assist you in integrating change with more ease and joy in the process

  • We love to play games and are always up to something fun

What others have to say about Building EVO Body system?

  • I remember how I used to be in my head all the time - now I am listening to my body and it made a huge difference in how I eat, what I eat as well as how often I move my body. Now it just happens naturally   -  Maya Savez

  • Having problems with anxiety is not fun.  After I activated my EVO Body I changed the way I live my life day to day. I feel calm and peaceful on most days now. Times when anxiety tries to creep up I am able to see it way in advance and make instant healthy choices. This saved me many trips to docs and prescriptions. Everyone wants to know now how I did it – Sarah Wand

  • I am now addiction free thanks to EVO Body! Money and time well spent! – Peter Kent

  • Oh My God! For 15 years I tried all possible diets of OTHER people and it never worked. So wild, this entire time I never realized the obvious! Well, glad somebody had the guts to finally tell us the real truth. Thanks, Milana! - Terry Chalk

  • I am really grateful to this system for helping my wife with her sleep patterns. She finally realized the power of sleep and regiment. I noticed how it positively impacts all other areas of our life. Thank you for helping us heal my wife’s sleeping disorder. Now she can finally be happy and successful at the same time – Vladimir Otchenkov

  • I truly believed that suicidal thoughts is something that everyone has all the time like me.  I remember I finally shared with one of my friends and he said “No. It’s not normal. Maybe you should see a therapist”. The idea of going to a therapist didn’t feel quite right plus it would have cost me a fortune. So I was looking for an alternative solution to get my life back together. When I found the Building EVO BODY system I just knew it was exactly what I was looking for. It felt so good to do my homework everyday. I now love myself and my life enough to stick around for another life or maybe two or three. There’s so much to experience  – Jake D.

  • Don’t ignore assistance from higher self, guides, universe, source or your body. They were always there trying to help me out but I just would not be able to hear it. Or maybe I did hear it but then I would overthink it and do something else. Anyway the results were horrific. I was in so much pain all the time. Then I started uplifting myself and right then this system came into my awareness. I am so grateful I found it because now I am easily able to interpret the messages and signs that my body sends out to me continuously. Made a huge difference in my overall health and quality of life – Kashid Tiwari

  • Water retention was always bothering me a lot. I used to think I’m fat while most of it was just water weight. It would make me feel unattractive, heavy and sad. After I signed up for Milana’s program she really made it so easy to experience the change that I haven’t even noticed it. Until everyone in the group saw me. We still laughing around about it. I am now as slim as a feather – Vera Vasileva

  • Thank You so much for this system, Gurumay! I can’t thank you enough. My life has been blossoming as I am watching myself evolve into who I was truly born to be. Those times when I struggled with uncontrollable appetite and emotional overeating are long gone! Goodbye Struggle, Goodbye Pain, Goodbye Self-Sabotage. Hello Freedom, Hello Future, Hello Life! – Patricia K.

  • It took me years to be able to admit publically that I used to have a severe eating disorder. The reason I couldn’t do it is because I was still dealing with bulimia and the idea of anyone feeling sorry for me for having this shocking disorder was unacceptable. I was so ashamed of myself and this caused my life to stay stagnant for years. It was like a cycle of self-destruction. I was around a lot of darkness just because I didn’t have good and effective tools to rely on. I feel that if I discovered this program years before I would have saved myself so much time. Thank You for all the work that went into it. You truly made a difference for me personally. My eating disorder is in the past and barely comes to mind like it was never there in the first place  – Angelica C.

  • For years one of my biggest problems and causes for depression was struggling with weight. I was constantly denying myself food but still would manage to gain weight. Now I can eat anything at any time and I never gain weight. I still don’t understand logically how is this possible? Yes, it’s definitely taking time and effort to integrate the evoBODY system fully. But still I can’t believe the depth of transformation that has already occurred. It’s as if the issue never happened in the first place. Thank You. – Maurice P. 


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