Royal Heart 528Hz Meditation by Milana May & LETO

Royal Heart 528Hz Meditation by Milana May & LETO



Dive deep within and touch the truth of your own existence with The Royal Heart Meditation. In this expansive channeling session Milana’s guide

Leto breaks you through the layers of your own worry, doubts, fears and negative thinking until you reach the center of your own soul. What will you discover? What will you uncover?


Leto is a Greek Titaness from The Golden Age born to the Titans Coeus (who encompasses the energy of the Sun and rational intelligence) and Phoebe (governing the energy of the Moon and clairvoyance).

Leto copulated with Zeus and gave birth to their son Apollo (Olympic God of music, poetry, medicine, art, oracles, light, knowledge and the sun) and their daughter Artemis (Olympic Goddess of forests, hills, wilderness, wild animals, archery and the moon) by Zeus. 


Do not meditate in loud rooms
Do not meditate when you are tired (it will make you fall asleep)
Do not meditate on a full stomach
Do not meditate while driving or operating any heavy machinery
Do not drink Alcohol

528Hz Frequency Channeled Mediation, Music by Milana May 

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